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Irregular Bowels

Many people will occasionally experience abdominal discomfort such as bloating, gas together with either loose bowels and or sluggish bowels.

Identify the triggers

Identifying the factors that trigger the above can help. While some people say their symptoms arise when they are under stress, others are affected after a meal or when having certain foods. Women often report worsening of symptoms just prior to or during their menstrual cycle.

Generally, eating small frequent meals is a good tactic if you suffer from the above, as is making sure you have regular bowel movements if you have sluggish bowels.

Foods that can often make symptoms worse include: fatty foods, milk products, chocolate, alcohol, coffee and caffeinated drinks and carbonated drinks.

Foods that can help include: apples and peaches, broccoli (raw), cabbage, carrots (raw), peas, kidney beans, lima beans, wholegrain bread and cereals.

How Phloe® Can Help

Phloe® can help as it helps improves stool formation. It moistens dry stools and firms stools with loose bowels.

We recommend you try Phloe® capsules or tasty Phloe® chewable tablets