Phloe Kids has all the benefits of regular Phloe®, but has been formulated into smaller easy-to-take chewable tablets, especially for little mouths. They have a yummy kiwifruit and apple taste that kids are sure to love!

What makes it special?

Phloe® Kids has all the benefits of regular Phloe®, being natural and containing Zyactinase®, a unique kiwifruit extract which has 9 clinical studies to back its efficacy.

Phloe® Kids:

  • Gently normalises bowel movements, without causing urgency
  • Supports kids with gas, bloating and digestive discomfort
  • Yummy kiwifruit and apple taste
  • Small chewable tablets
  • No water needed

Unsure which Phloe® product to choose? See our helpful guide.


Available in 50 chewable tablets