Phloe : Maintain Your Bowel Health Naturally | Phloe®

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Phloe® is a natural, gentle and effective way to support your bowel health.

It contains a unique proprietary extract, Zyactinase®, derived entirely from New Zealand kiwifruit, that has a triple action complex of enzymes, fibre and prebiotics to support movement in the bowel, aiding transit time and helping toxins and waste to move through the bowel gently.

Specialised manufacturing allows the Zyactinase® active constituents to survive the digestive process and be more bioavailable than fresh kiwifruit. You would have to eat a lot of kiwifruit to get a similar effect!

Its natural kiwifruit formula is clinically shown to help keep you regular and is suitable for long term use.

What people are saying about us

I have been using Phloe for six months and Phloe works. I used to suffer from indigestion and irregular bowel movements but this is now a thing of the past. I achieved this by taking Phloe, eating less processed food and drinking water regularly. I now feel healthier, I'm sleeping sounder and I maintain steady energy levels. I would recommend Phloe to anybody.

Mark, Hamilton, New Zealand