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Clinical Trials

Phloe® is clinically shown to help keep you regular.

Phloe® is clinically researched

Phloe® has been put through a number of controlled trials (completed to the highest possible standard) to prove its effectiveness in maintaining a person’s regularity. Trials showed Phloe® was well tolerated and did not lead to side effects such as loose bowels and digestive discomfort often associated with some other products.

Nine Phloe® trials have been completed, 644 subjects in five countries.

Randomized Controlled Trials- 515 Subjects

  1. Kaixian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, 2007, 58 subjects
  2. Tiajing Center Hospital, Chinese CDC, 2007, compliant SFDA medical food, 134 subjects
  3. Medicus Research, California, USA, 2011, 87 subjects
  4. Medicus Research, California, USA, 2012, 50 subjects
  5. Datapharm Australia, Australia & New Zealand, 2013-2015, 186 subjects

Other trials

Open-label, Exploratory Trials – 129 Subjects

  1. Takanawa Medical Clinic, Japan, 2001, 21 subjects
  2. Takanawa Medical Clinic, Japan, 2007, 31 subjects
  3. Urata 1, Japan, 2008, 42 elderly (>60 yrs) subjects
  4. Waitemata Gastroenterology Service, New Zealand, 2001, 35 subjects