A Fresh start for Digestive Health

A Fresh start for Digestive Health

The holidays are a time for relaxation and enjoyment, for socialising with friends and family and celebration. Where this might be good for the soul, the digestive system may have not fared so well. An abundance of rich foods, sugary treats and perhaps an extra festive drink or two can upset the balance of gut flora and can put pressure on the stomach and the liver.  This may result in over acidity or reflux after eating, indigestion or perhaps gas and bloating after eating.  You might also find that your bowel habits have changed.  Perhaps they are no longer a daily occurrence or stools are harder to pass.  Others may find that they are getting loose bowels or swing between constipation and diarrhoea.

Since the digestive system is key to health and vitality, it may be a good time to put things back in order after the festive season.  Here are some easy suggestions to help put your digestive system back in order.

Increase fibre

Dietary fibre is amazing for our digestive system.  It feeds our good bacteria, exfoliates our digestive tract, helps soften and bulk stools, so they are easier to pass and helps the body with the removal of toxins. It is found in grains, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables, so increasing it in our daily diet is simple. Make sure you have at least 5 handfuls of fresh fruit and vegetables a day. Phloe also contains fibre, so can help in this area.

Get the good bugs

One of the reasons for regular gas and bloating can be an imbalance of our digestive flora.  At times our good bacteria can be overwhelmed by less beneficial yeasts and bacteria, which consume the food we eat and ferment them to produce unpleasant gases.  Probiotics can be one way of increasing the population of good bacteria that help crowd out less beneficial yeasts and bacterial species. Phloe Biotics contains all the goodness of regular Phloe plus probiotics to support normal gut flora balance.

Switch on your digestive juices

Often if we get bloated or have indigestion, we might need support with our stomach function. Our stomach is naturally acidic and is one of the first places to start breaking down our foods. It is important, especially for breaking down our fatty foods.   A natural way to switch on our stomach acid is to drink a squeeze of lemon juice in water in the mornings or to have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water before our main meal.  These naturally acidic foods also encourage the liver to produce bile that helps with digestion and supports digestive enzyme production. Phloe Zyme contains all the goodness of Phloe plus digestive enzymes to support easy digestion.


The digestive system uses fluids in many ways for optimal function. It is needed to create our stomach acid and digestive enzymes. Water is needed in every cell of the body, including for healthy digestive system cells. Water is drawn into the digestive system to help soften stools to make them easier to pass.  Our choice of drinks can therefore affect our digestive system.  Caffeine and alcohol can be dehydrating, so should be excluded when repairing the digestive system or taken in moderation.  Water is very important, so make sure you have your 8 glasses a day. There are many herbal teas that are caffeine free if you are looking for something hydrating as a warm drink. Many of these herbal teas have calming digestive functions such as chamomile, peppermint or fennel tea, which is a bonus.  Also, a piece of ginger added to boiling water can make a warming and digestively soothing drink. 

Ease the digestive burden

There are some foods that our body has to work harder to break down than others. Junk foods and overly fatty foods fall into this category. If you are trying to heal the digestive system try to cut back on the takeaways and choose simple meals with a large side of vegetables.

Some of us might also be aware that certain foods lead us to feeling uncomfortable.  Many people struggle with bloating after gluten or dairy containing foods.  Others might suffer after eating onions, garlic or spicy food.  Whilst you are trying to restore your digestive health, try to eliminate any foods that cause aggravation to give the digestive system time to get back on track.

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