• The Phloe difference

  • Phloe® is a range of natural digestive health supplements that contains a unique proprietary extract, Zyactinase®, that has been isolated entirely from New Zealand green Kiwifruit.

    Unlike other products, Phloe does more than just help you when you ‘can’t go’. Whether you suffer from sluggish, loose or irregular bowel movements, gas, bloating or all of the above, Phloe works with your body to help restore balance, gently and naturally to keep things working smoothly.

  • Phloe® has been put through a number of controlled trials to prove its effectiveness in maintaining a person’s regularity. Trials showed Phloe® was well tolerated and did not lead to side effects such as loose bowels or digestive discomfort often associated with some other products. This is what makes Phloe® such a gentle product.

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  • The Kiwifruit is grown and picked in the Bay of Plenty, NZ.

  • The kiwifruit is then turned into a pulp.

  • The pulp undergoes a unique freeze-drying process that produces the active ingredient in Phloe – Zyactinase!.

  • The Zyactinase is added to all of the Phloe products, using the amount that backed by clinical studies.

    Action Complex

    Zyactinase®, derived entirely from New Zealand green kiwifruit, has a triple action complex of enzymes, fibre and prebiotics.

  • Support movement in the bowel, aiding transit time and helping toxins and waste to move through the bowel quickly and gently.

    Phloe contains two types of dietary fibre to aid transit time through the bowel.

    Food for the good bacteria in your digestive system, supporting healthy levels of good bacteria and keeping the less benfical bacteria in check.

    Through the triple action effect of our kiwi fruit extract, Zyactinase®

Our science

We believe that science plays a big part in health and wellbeing. So, it's no surprise that's where we spend a lot of our time.

From studying the latest research on our ingredients to running our own stability and quality tests – our team is deep in the detail.

We don't rush, we do it right. And we're proud to be a little bit geeky. Because that means we have the best chance at formulating products that make a real difference.

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