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Zyactinase® is the name for the natural ingredient derived from kiwifruit that makes Phloe®. Put simply, Zyactinase® is a freeze-dried powder derived entirely from kiwifruit using a special process which ensures the digestive and bowel health properties of the fruit are maintained. Zyactinase® is completely natural and has not been chemically processed or enhanced in any way.

How to safely take supplements

You can have too much of a good thing! If you are not sure which Phloe products can be taken together, ask one of our in-house Naturopaths

We recommend that our products are consumed by the date outlined on the packaging.

General product questions

No - Phloe is natural product that works gently to support regular and efficient bowel function. Clinical studies done on the Phloe product show that it does not cause loose bowels or digestive discomfort like laxatives can.

Our production process makes the Zyactinase® complex of enzymes, prebiotics and fibre more bio-available (more available for absorption into the body) than it would be when just eating kiwifruit. This process allows Zyactinase® to survive this digestive process when the effect of eating regular kiwifruit will be reduced. You would have to eat a lot of kiwifruit to get a similar effect!

Yes - Best results are achieved by using Phloe on a daily basis. Bowel and gut issues can come and go for various different reasons – using Phloe long term will help avoid these episodes. If you stop taking Phloe but have not address the core reason for your digestive issues, it is likely that over a period of time (a number of weeks but this will differ for different people) you will revert back to experiencing similar problems as before.

Yes - the fibre, prebiotics and enzymes in Phloe support bowel regularity whether you are going too much or not going enough.

Approx. 60mg per capsule/chewable tablet (except Phloe Zyme which has approx. 37.6mg).