Phloe’s key ingredient Zyactinase® has been put through a number of controlled trials to demonstrate its impact on the digestive system and gut health functions.
Zyactinase® is an extract of green kiwifruit, found in the Phloe products, used to assist in the relief of the symptoms associated with a range of digestive system dysfunction.
Key highlights from the trials include:
  • A significant improvement in defecation frequency and in defecation condition in individuals with constipation (1440 mg of Zyactinase® per day for two weeks).1
  • Significantly increased normal bowel movements in individuals with constipation, relieved constipation and the symptoms such as bloating and flatulence (2160 mg of Zyactinase® per day for one week).1,2\
  • Increased spontaneous bowel movement with smoother form, as well as improved abdominal pain in individuals with constipation (2300 mg of Zyactinase® per day for two weeks, and then 1150 mg Zyactinase® per day for eight weeks).1
  • A significant difference in painful defecation. No side effects, including diarrhoea, urgency or abdominal pain, were observed during the trial. 2
  • Phloe was well tolerated for four weeks and more effective than placebo in gently enhancing bowel movement frequency and reducing abdominal pain and flatulence in subjects with occasional constipation.3
  • Zyactinase® was given to 42 elderly subjects (mean = 67 years old) suffering from early stage mild constipation. As a result, there was a significant increase in the frequency and characteristics of bowel movements, as well as an improvement in bloating and incomplete evacuation. (2 capsules for 3 times a day (720mg) before every meal). 4\


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